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Nachtfalke VOX-FX PRO fra DDoptics sætter nye standarder indenfor jagt markedet af de kompakte håndholdte termiske billedkameraer!

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The thermal imaging camera Nachtfalke VOX-FX PRO 17µm pitch
not only offers an image rich in details but also convinces through its high performance - a detection of thermal sources is possible on up to 1250m. Thus the VOX-FX PRO is well equipped for the use during the field stalk hunt. Thanks to the effective VOx detector with 17µm pitch the device is also especially suited for an after-search. The manual focussing of the 35mm objective diameter allows for an optimal adjustment to any area.

Thanks to the WiFi technology used for the VOX-FX PRO this device can also be used in combination with a drone to save wild game. Fawns can be found quickly and efficiently from the air with the thermal imaging camera. This can prevent the suffering of the fawns which horribly die every year because of mowing machines.

What are the advantages of thermal imaging detectors with VOx (Vanadium Oxid)?

With the efficient Vox sensor the VOX-FX PRO has a better thermal conduction coefficient than the IR50 with ASi sensors (amorphous silicium) and as such can transfer photons faster. That way it has a clearly increased performance compared to conventional detectors. 

How do we define efficiency?
The efficiency is determined especially by the temperature sensibility of the detector and thus by the carrier material. The indicator is the NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference). The evaluation of the noise is defined by the radiation necessary to generate an outgoing signal which is identical to the detector base noise or simply put: it defines the minimally measurable temperature difference.

Does this make a difference, even if the resolution of the sensor stays the same? 
Let's compare this with the sensor of a digital camera. Two cameras have two different sensors with the same amount of megapixels. Despite this the information quality of the sensors can be completely different. A good camera can produce a great image under the defined resolution and the less efficient camera produces a worse image with the same resolution. A higher temperature sensitivity of the detector signifies more information in the same space and a sharper image richer in details and contrasts for the user. The range and acuity during zooming are also clearly ameliorated.  

If we compare an ASi with a VOx optics having identical lenses (f-number) and resolution, we determine (even mathematically) that the VOx optics has a 3 times higher temperature sensitivity. (VOx = 0,039 kelvin compared to 0,1 kelvin = ASi, at 25C° and f=1).

Other advantages for VOx sensors:
- no burn-in e.g. under direct sunlight 
- less error pixel
- low noise habit, and thus better image quality 
- generally higher temperature sensitivity 
- lower power consumption
- shorter “pixel targeting”

This is the reason why all US weapons programs use VOx detectors.

Excellent technical qualities
The thermal imaging device VOX-FX PRO works with a 50Hz image frequency and thus offers an absolutely shake-free image. Heat sources can be displayed in four different modi (heat black, white, red or in full colour). The VOX-FX PRO has a 2,5x optical magnification and two digital zoom steps (2x and 4x). The live images can be transmitted to a mobile end device (tablet or smartphone with IOS or android) via WiFi or stored in internal memory (images and videos). The internal memory has 8GB and is thus large enough for 10.000 images or 4 hours of video. The power supply comes from an integrated lithium-ion battery which allows for a continuous use of 4 hours. The use is also possible via external power supply per USB. A short pressing of the ON/OFF button activates the standby mode. The device is immediately working and ready to use when you decide to use it again. The stand-by function importantly prolongs the running time of the device. The Nachtfalke VOX-FX PRO is certified under IP66 and protected against dust and water.

DDoptics "TIS" app for image transmission
The DDoptics "Thermal Imaging System" app (TIS for short) allows for a live transmission of image and video signals directly to mobile end devices (android/IOS). There, sequences and images can be recorded appropriately. 

The app for Apple devices can be downloaded under the following link from the Apple App Store:

The app for android devices can be downloaded under the following link from the Google Play Store:

Attention: On some devices there can be a slight delay during the transmission.

Thermal image for your safety
The VOX-FX PRO is also a useful tool for building and terrain surveillance and for police observations. With the VOX-FX PRO it can be determined quickly if there are unauthorized persons in an area. Hiding behind the vegetation is almost impossible. 


  • - range of 1250m depending on the temperature
  • - 2,5x optical magnification
  • -2x and 4x digital zoom
  • - 35mm objective lense with manual focussing
  • - 50Hz image frequency for shake-free images in real time
  • - 4 image modes: black, white, red and full colour
  • - WIFI function enables a cable-free live transmission of up to 40m
  • - drone-suited thanks to WIFI with a long range
  • - recording function (video/image) in the device
  • - 8 GB memory for over 10.000 images or 4 hours of video
  • - integrated Li-On battery
  • - minimum 4 hours of continuous use 
  • - charging via standard USB
  • - possibility of connecting a battery pack
  • - weight of 420gram
  • - field of view of 11x8°
  • - with tripod adapter
  • - ultra compact and watertight IP66 protection class

    Technische Details


420 g


Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten


Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten


Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten


Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten


Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten


500 G

Warranty - tube / electronics

Angabe nur bei Nachtsichtgeräten

Garantie auf Optik

30 Jahre


3 Jahre auf die Elektonik


384 x 288 pixel VOx Detektor








50 HZ


384 x 288 pixel VOx Detektor




intern (Video/Bild) / 8 GB Speicher


intern / WiFi


integrierter Li-On Akku

Maße h/b/t in mm



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