Binoculars 8x56 Pirschler Gen.3 Magnesium Green

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Den nye ultra lette og klare nat og jagtkikkert. Pirschler 8x56 Abbe-König / Magnesium


Her er den efterlængte nye udgave af vores succesfulde Pirschler 8x56 kikkert. Udover forbedringer af de optiske kvaliteter er disse kikkerter specielt designet til lang levetid. Derudover har de mest moderne materialer og konstruktionsteknologier fra flyproduktion gjort disse 8x56 kikkert meget lettere end deres forgænger.

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Some of the brightest binoculars of their category

The new ultra bright and indestructible night and hunting binoculars Pirschler 8x56 Abbe-König / Magnesium

are the long-awaited new edition of our successful Pirschler 8x56 binoculars. Besides ameliorations of the optical qualities these binoculars are specially designed for longevity. Additionally, the most modern materials and construction technologies from airplane manufacturing have made these 8x56 binoculars much lighter than their predecessor.

Stability and sturdiness of the binoculars

There are absolutely no plastic parts to be found on the new Pirschler binoculars (except for the tripod protection cap). Not on the body, not on the expendable parts. Body and bridge are made of an ultra hard but extremely light magnesium alloy from airplane construction and make the binoculars almost unbreakable. Additional advantage: The magnesium lowers the total weight around 70g to 1150g. The diopter (adjustment range +-4) isn't situated on the focusing wheel anymore, but on the right ocular, because of better functionality. All these features - diopter, ocular, focusing wheel - are made of duraluminium and are thus a guaranty for excellent long time use. A so called best-grip armoring on the outside of the casing prevents a slipping of the hands. Thus, the one-handed gripping and holding of these compact binoculars, even with gloves, are coveniently comfortable and safe.

Brilliant binoculars optics

The new CT glass with elaborate DDlucid coating and high-quality Abbe-König-prisms make the observations with the Pirschler 8x56 a delight. The user gets extremely high light transmission and image brightness for a brilliant image reproduction rich in contrasts with razor-sharp contours. The dispersion is very low.

Specialist during the night

Even if the optics delights during the day, the Pirschler has been made or the hunt during the night. With progressing twilight the Pirschler starts to show its qualities, even if other products already lose their image brightness and brilliancy. One could almost get the impression that the resolution and contrast are even better during progressing twilight. Until the last hunting light these binoculars will not disappoint you.  


Lichttransmission Fernglas DDoptics Pirschler

Water pressure tight casing and water-repellent nano coating

The "raindefender nano" coating ensures a water-repellent lotus effect, the binoculars are completely water pressure tight until 50cm in warm and cold water.

Smart Focus 50m-infinity

The Smart Focus is an advantage during twilight and night: this technology almost entirely excludes the refocussing for the Pirschler 8x56. After an acuity adjustment on an object in a distance of 100m the eye can automatically adjust in a range of 50m up to infinity without having to constantly refocus.

Adjustment of the 50m-infinity feature

To adjust the feature the palpable marking on the focusing wheel needs to be turned to "up".

Fernglas 8x56 Pirschler Smart Focus

Wide field of view

The field of view of 129m offers clear advantages during observation and makes recognition and targeting of game a lot faster.

Also suitable for spectacle wearers

The metal eye cups are adjustable in three positions and thus ensure a perfect eye distance. The adjustment is hard-going, solid and works without play. The eye cup mechanics are of a clearly ameliorated quality compared to the predecessor model and can be felt through an appropriate haptic resistance and the clearly defined lock of the positions. (No clicking, no play, no unintentional adjustment). The Pirschler 8x56 also features a larger distance of the exit pupil (20mm) compared to other binoculars of its category.

Upgrade offer for owners of older Pirschler binoculars models

Owners of older Pirschler models (from June 1016 or newer) can exchange their binoculars for a brand-new Pirschler 8x56 of the 3rd generation for a special price. Instead of paying the original price of 649€ (tax included) you only pay 286€. 

On request we also exchange the accessories, but only against surcharge. The new accessories are not included in the 286€ production costs.

  • Technische Details


    1.150 g


    8 x

    Objektiv Ø in mm


    Austrittspupille Ø in mm


    Sehfeld 1000m

    129 m

    Sehfeld 1094yd


    Blickwinkel (°)




    Prism type

    Abbe König

    Prismen Verspiegelung

    Phase Coating




    RNP vergütet

    Okular: Linsen/Gruppen


    Objektiv: Linsen/Gruppen


    Case material




    Augenabstand Okular in mm


    Brillenträger Okular


    Naheinstellung ab












    Wasserdicht (Tiefe/Min.)

    1 m

    Maße h/b/t in mm



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