Spotting Scope EDX 82 S Body (Uden Okular) DDoptics

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DDoptics kikkert - til brug med udskiftelige orkular og op til 60x forstørrelse. Med den nye bajonetlås for nemeste digiscoping. Brilliant optik, ekstrem robusthed og modularitet er træk ved det nye anvendelsesområde "EDX82".

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  • - 100% watertight
  • - 2 eyepieces to choose from
  • - digiscoping
  • - large objective diameter

    Spotting scope complete set with variable exchangeable eyepiece
    The light intensive spotting scope of the "EDX 82" series with slanted insight has an objective diameter of 82mm and is deliverable with two different eyepieces. Both exchangeable eyepieces have flexible magnification of either 20-60x or 25-50x. They are different in their wide fields of view. Both eyepiece versions are wide-angle scopes (with 35-21m and 42-27m field of view on 1000m), which makes the object capture a lot easier.

    Capture the moment
    The spotting scope body is equipped with a bayonet lock to fasten the eyepieces. The bayonet lock is compatible with eyepieces of leading worldwide optics manufacturers. Users of the spotting scope "EDX 82" thus have flexible usage possibilities. E.g. classical and digital SLR cameras can be fitted to the "EDX 82" via special adapters. This also allows for a fast and comfortable change between pure observation and fotography.

    Optics rich in contrasts
    The installed, highly coated ED fluoride lenses in the spotting scope body ensure accutest contours and brilliant, color accurate image reproduction. Large exit pupils of up to 4,1mm ensure effortless observation. An appochromate correction offers a reflection-free image during backlight - guaranteed! The already tried and tested DDlucid coating of the DDoptics binoculars of the EDX series ensures maximal contrast, image acuity, brightness and image brilliancy. The comfortable Dual-Focus-System allows for a rough and fine adjustment of the acuity with two different transmissions.

    Robust and lightweight
    The sturdy casing of the "EDX 82“ is compact with a length of 330mm and coated with a strong and slip resistant rubber armoring. This ensures a safe grip. Thanks to the use of light and robust materials like magnesium the spotting scope body only weighs 1350 gram (without ocular). The scope EDX 82 is filled with nitrogen and thus guaranteed watertight. A special dirt resistant coating ensures a dripping off of water drops.

    Technische Details




    Variabel x

    Objektiv Ø in mm

    82 mm



    Blickwinkel (°)


    Austrittspupille Ø in mm




    Augenabstand Okular in mm


    Okular: Linsen/Gruppen


    Objektiv: Linsen/Gruppen


    Prism type

    Porro & Dachkant

    Prismen Verspiegelung




    Länge in cm

    33 cm



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    0 Stück

    Objektiv Schutzkappen

    1 Stück

    Okular Schutzkappen

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