Nachtfalke HDX 2.5-10x56 Gen. II - Reticle 4 DDoptics Riflescope

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Riflescope Nachtfalke 2,5 - 10x56 Gen II - til natte jagt af DDoptics

Den nye lysintensive riflescope Nachtfalke HDXtreme 2,5 - 10x56 Gen II fra anden generation er perfekt til de praktiske udfordringer af natten.

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  • - reticle adjustment: 1/4 click
  • - absolute repetition accuracy
  • - extreme light transmission of up to 94,7%
  • - IFiber control optional
  • - shooting stability: 375H&H Magnum with over 1000 shots
  • - steplessly adjustable parallax compensation
  • - reticle 4
  • - Gen II is continued even with Gen III available

    Hunting riflescope Nachtfalke HDx for hide and night hunt by DDoptics - 2.5-10x56/V4/A4 HDX

    Uncompromising and powerful
    The Nachtfalke 2.5-10x56 is the result of a development that had as its goal the creation of an effective riflescope with great light transmitting capacity for adverse lighting conditions and for use in twilight and at night. The reflection-free optics provide extremely bright, high-contrast images with well-balanced colour and exceptional edge definition. Thanks to its robust construction combined with a top-quality illumination dot that can be used with night vision devices and in backlight the Nachtfalke 2.5-10x56 is the perfect allround riflescope for precise shooting in the dark.

    Maximum light transmission for hide and night hunt
    The fully-coated lenses completely eliminate reflections, resulting in a super-bright image and exceptional edge definition qualities. Thanks to the minimal flare light component even backlight is not a problem. Peak light transmission values of 94.7% (day) and 93% (night) ensure a successful response up to the last hunting light.

    Finely dimmable illumination dot (IFiber automatics available)
    Thanks to fibre-optic technology, the illumination dot becomes both darker and more delicate when strongly dimmed. The illumination dot can be dimmed steplessly to suit conditions ranging from backlight to night vision mode.

    High-quality illuminated reticle in the 2nd image plane
    The illuminated reticle 4 is located in the ocular image plane (2nd focal plane), so the reticle size remains fixed at all magnifications. No aids are required to adjust the reticle. With each click the reticle moves 0.25 MOA (minutes of angle), which translates to 7.3 millimetres per 100 metres. The click adjustment offers absolute repeatable accuracy and can be reset to zero after testing (in case several different ammunitions and loads are used).

    Total adjustment range:

    355 clicks
    equivalent to 88.75 MOA 
    equivalent to 44.37 MOA per side

    The steplessly adjustable lateral parallax adjustment (20 yards to infinity) prevents parallax errors and also guarantees a razor-sharp, effortless image at any magnification.

    Recommended use:
    These scopes were developed for European hide hunting at night. We have eliminated everything that is not needed at night. The magnification was limited to 10x in order to achieve a better lateral insight. The parallax compensation can be used to adjust sharpness if a night vision device is used. (hunting abroad)

    Now bundle offers are possible:
    Startinmg now this riflescope is available in a bundle offer with the DENTLER mounting base. 


       Technische Details


    670 g




    HDX II


    2,5-10 x

    Objektivdurchmesser Linse

    56 Ø der Linse in mm

    Austrittspupille Ø in mm

    22,4-5,6 mm



    Sehfeld 100m

    12,6-3,4 m

    Sehfeld 109yd


    Augenabstand in mm

    102-103 mm


    -3 bis +3


    Absehen 4

    Leuchtpunkt II


    Absehen Bildebene

    2. Bildebene

    Absehenverstell / Klick

    1/4 MOA

    Absehenverstellung (Skalierung)


    Max. Verstellweg

    +-44,37 MOA


    20-500 - ∞


    fine black

    Mittelrohr Ø in mm

    30 mm

    ASV Zerostop


    Objektiv Ø außen in mm


    Okular Ø in mm

    43 mm

    Gesamtlänge in mm

    349 mm


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    You can also get our riflescope with a high-quality ceramics coating. Here we also offer a low priced bundle packet. Attention: The ceramics coating is an elaborate individualisation of your riflescope. Thus the delivery period can be up to four weeks (after ordering)!     Lieferumfang


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