Nachtfalke HDX 2,5-15x50 Gen. III - New Reticle 4 (MRAD) DDoptics Riflescope

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Opdatering: Nu med 0,1 MRAD klikjustering (1cm / klik)


Riflescope Nachtfalke HDXtreme 2,5 - 15x50 Gen. III

Dette er en udvikling af riffel kikkert generation II. Under opfattelsen af denne nye generation af riffel kikkerter har vi implementeret kundernes ønsker, som vi har samlet i løbet af de sidste par år.

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Nachtfalke HDX – Hide hunt riflescope by DDoptics
2,5-15x50/V6/A4N HDX

New for Gen. III:

  • reticle adjustment metal towers (no plastic like in Gen II)
  • CT glass (clear transmission) (low dispersion)
  • double scales (doubleturn)
  • zerostop for ASV (zero position)
  • hard tactical 1/4 click detent
  • new design of the magnification adjustment ring
  • new reticle 4 with more delicate bars
  • hard tactical 0,1 MRAD click detent (1cm/click)
  • adjustment range 228 clicks = 2,28 m  on 100 m 

Same as in Gen. II:

  • absolute repetition accuracy
  • light transmission of up to 94,7%
  • shooting stability: 357 H&H
  • steplessly adjustable parallax compensation
  • automated illumination dot IFiber available
  • illumination dot suitable for night vision devices
  • illumination dot suitable for backlight

New features
What's new for the riflescopes of the newest generation? 
Three changes are noticeable with barely a glance: 
1. The magnification adjustment ring was noticeably changed and offers more grip due to the rougher structure. 
2. The reticle 4 has become more delicate and offers more space in the middle. 
3. The reticle adjustment is made of metal, clearly defined and equipped with doubleturn and zerostop.



Robust adjustment mechanics for the hard use with zerostop & ASV 
The reticle adjustment towers of the DDoptics riflescopes of the generattion III are made of a robust aluminium alloy and have no plastics parts. All aluminium parts are treated with the new, not shiny DDoptics fine-black anodized coating. The adjustment mechanics have been changed to the tactical version meaning they are not only very shock resistant and completely watertight but also hard going and thus protected against unintentional adjustment. That way the reticle adjustment can be used "open", meaning without protection cap, during hunting to quickly adjust the reticle depending on the situation.

Reticle adjustment with zerostop
The amount of click adjustments can be seen on the double scale (doubleturn) of the hight adjustment tower and be adjusted accordingly. After test shooting the reticle adjustment can be put on zero. Then the zerostop ring is turned until the stop. After that the zero adjustment is adjusted via the zerostop ring from below in order to reach an impact at the position zero. From the position zero different target distances can be preadjusted with a marker system, provided that one knows how to use it. The lateral adjustment tower has two opposing scales. That way the reticle can be preadjusted according to wind direction and wind intensity or a possible movement of the target starting at the zero position.

High performance optics - better contrast | CT glass
The DDoptics riflescopes of the generation III use high performance CT glass (clear transmission) with the proven DDlucid coating. The advantage of the newly used type of glass is a clearly better contrast and the reduction of colour fringes. The transmission could only slightly be improved compared to generation II. Both generations are already at the maximum of currently possible technologies.

Light transmission with top values.
The fully coated optics which don't allow for reflections offer a brilliant image with excellent fringe acuity characteristics. Even backlight doesn't disturb as there is only minimal flare light. The light transmission of 94,7% (day) and 93% (night) offer top values which allow for a safe targeting up to the last hunting light.

Finely dimmable illumination dot
Thanks to fibre optics technology the illumination dot not only gets darker during strong dimming, but also more delicate. The illumination dot is steplessly dimmable from backlight suitable to night vision mode.

New reticle 4N for minimal target concealment
Looking through the new riflescope generation III the observer immediately notices the practical design: 
The crosshairs in the reticle 4 are a lot more delicate and the slightly thicker outer arbors are now only half as thick and thus noticeably farther apart.
A big advantage, especially for the hunter during bad light conditions, as the target is only minimally obscured and the lightning fast and safe shooting is optimally supported. The DDoptics riflescopes of the type „2,5-10x56“ and „2,5-15x50“ are equipped with this new reticle 4.

The reticle 4N is located in the ocular image plane (2nd image plane) and stays the same size even when changing the magnification. No aids are required to adjust the reticle. With each click the reticle moves 0.25 MOA (minutes of angle), which equals 7.3 mm per 100m. The click adjustment offers absolute accuracy and can be reset to zero after test shooting in case several different ammunitions and loads are used.

Complete adjustment range:
22,8 MRAD - 228 clicks - 2,28 m
adjustment range / click on 100 m: 1 cm
adjustment range / click on 200 m: 2 cm
adjustment range / click on 300 m: 3 cm
adjustment range / click on 600 m: 6 cm

The steplessly adjustable lateral parallax compensation (20 yards to infinity) protects against diagonal insight and offers a razor sharp and effortless image for all magnifications.

Technische Details


640 g







Objektivdurchmesser Linse

50 Ø der Linse in mm

Austrittspupille Ø in mm

10,56-3,04 mm



Sehfeld 100m

13,5-2,2 m

Sehfeld 109yd


Augenabstand in mm

88-89 mm


-3 bis +3


New Absehen 4

Leuchtpunkt II


Absehen Bildebene

2. Bildebene

Absehenverstell / Klick

0,1 MRAD

Absehenverstellung (Skalierung)


Max. Verstellweg

+-11,4 MRAD


20-500 - ∞


fine black

Mittelrohr Ø in mm

30 mm

ASV Zerostop


Objektiv Ø außen in mm


Okular Ø in mm

40,5 mm

Gesamtlänge in mm

361,5 mm


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