Nachtfalke HDX 1.5-6x42 Gen. III DDoptics Riflescope

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Robust allround riffel kikkertsigte

Riffelkikkertsigtet Nachtfalke HDX 1,5-6x42 er designet til at passe perfekt til nuværende velorganiserede bevægelige jagte. Med dette driv jagt riffelkikkertsigte sikres skud på 100m, for eksempel når vildet bevæger sig langt fra de posteret jægere eller huder. Dette riffelkikkertsigte er også velegnet til jagt i marken og i skovene. I bjergene bruges den på grund af sin lille størrelse og vægt.

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Riflescope 1.5-6x42 Nachtfalke Gen3 by DDoptics

A robust allrounder
The Nachtfalke HDX 1.5-6x42 is designed to fully meet the requirements of current well organised hunts with moving targets. With this riflescope for drive hunting shots from around 100m are well within the realms of possibility, for example if deer moves far away from hunters who are well positioned in the hide or lingers at a distance. This scope is equally well suited for stalking in open fields and dense forest. In the mountains it is popular because of its small size and low weight.

Hunting abroad
The riflescope Nachtfalke 1.5-6x42 is particularly popular for hunting in Africa and around the world. And in cases where the 42 mm objective lens diameter turns out to be too small the riflescope Nachtfalke can be used in combination with a night vision device. For that purpose the illumination dot can be adjusted to the utilized tube.

Illuminated reticle - perfect overview
The new reticle 4N with illumination dot is located in the ocular image plane (2nd image plane), so the reticle size remains fixed for all magnifications. An ideal solution when the goal is to make a quick and accurate shot on short distances because the reticle provides a perfect overview without any deviation and the eye is automatically guided to the centre of the crosshairs. The riflescope is parallax-free to 100m. No aids are required to adjust the reticle. With each click the reticle moves 0.25 MOA (minutes of angle), which equals 7.3 mm per 100m. The click adjustment offers absolute accuracy and can be reset to zero after test shooting in case several different ammunitions and loads are used.

Total adjustment range:
530 clicks
equivalent to 132.5 MOA 
equivalent to 66.25 MOA per side

Recommended use:
The riflescope is particularly well suited for quick shooting, which makes it especially interesting for hunting moving targets. Thanks to its 42 mm objective lens diameter the scope can still be used until late twilight, which also makes it perfect for hide hunting.
This model has also proved itself on hunting trips in Africa. The scope is particularly well suited for the combined use with a night vision device.


technische Abmessungen

  Technische Details


520 g






1,5-6 x

Objektivdurchmesser Linse

42 Ø der Linse in mm

Austrittspupille Ø in mm

7-29 mm



Sehfeld 100m

21-5,6 m

Sehfeld 109yd


Augenabstand in mm

84 - 99 mm


-3 bis +3


New Absehen 4

Leuchtpunkt II


Absehen Bildebene

2. Bildebene

Absehenverstell / Klick

1/4 MOA

Absehenverstellung (Skalierung)


Max. Verstellweg

+-66,25 MOA




fine black

Mittelrohr Ø in mm

30 mm

ASV Zerostop


Objektiv Ø außen in mm


Okular Ø in mm

43 mm

Gesamtlänge in mm

285 mm


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